What is
Belong Camp?

Belong Camp is a getaway for people whose hearts are full of curiosity on how we can live, work and connect on a different level.

It all started in an old alcohol Factory, where a group of likeminded people got together to connect. Little did we know that when we lit candles around the tables, and sat down to share our life stories, we not only connected on a profound level, but also established something called belongcamp.

where is this happening?

When deciding where to organise an event, we have two rules: EPIC AND REMOTE. The setting of each belong camp is just as important as the program we are organising. Epic, cause we need people to be excited about traveling to this destination. Something that is one of a kind, unique and excited.

upcoming belong camps:

Retreat Factory

10.07. - 16.07.2024

THE ORIGINAL – Ok, so this is the epic part. Our venue is a 150 old, revamped alcohol factory. We have 2 acre space, a lake, and a 3200 m2 building to hang out.

you wonder if you belong?

We live in a world where it is getting more and more difficult to slow down and have a deep connection with each-other. Are you thirsty for deep conversations around a campfire? Are you ready to focus on a handful of awesome new connections? Are you ready to play insanely awesome games with like-minded people? We think you are ready to join us then.

what we do
in belong camp

Mindful Hour

In the morning we start the day together with yoga, meditation and a sharing circle. This way we can tune in not only for ourselves, to the day but also to each-other.


Many of us love what we do, so for us, working is not a burden. We have a coworking where you can work during the day, if you feel like. You can also chill during the day – if you don’t want to / have to work.


We think this is one of the perks of Belong Camp. We co-create the event, by giving the possibility for you to shine and co-create. Think about treasure-hunts, costume parties, role-plays, improv theatre and many more that we can’t even explain here, but tremendous fun.

going on Adventures

We always visit epic places around the world, where you can see local national parks, vineries. Go for hikes, or just chill next to a lake.

Parties and Campfire sessions

We love siting next to fire just as much we love dancing for great music. We find balance in both 🙂

Want to organize a belong camp?

We believe in co-cretion, this is why we decided to open our concept and let satelite teams organize events all around the world. 

We are always open to see new locations where we can bring our community. Get in contact with us to see if you and your idea works out.