Belong camp
Mountain edition

Bring your business to the next level


What is it about?

Do you want to bring your Project / Business to the Next Level surrounded
and with the help of like-minded people?
Belongcamp is one week of Skillsharing, Masterminds, Worksprints and of course a lot of fun in the most epic places. This time, we bring Belongcamp to 1700 above sea level where we gonna do Mastermind Hikes and a lot of outdoor and mountain activities to get a clear mind after a long and hot summer.


Wed 21/09Thu 22/09FRI 23/09SAT 24/09SUN 25/09MON 26/09TUE 27/09WED 28/09
Introduction of
Work Sprint
Silence Work Sprint
ActivitiesSleep in & chillYoga
Silence Work Sprint
Morning Hike
Work Sprint
Open Morning
Check out until 12
1 PM Transport
from Innsbruck
‘9 others’
– Feedbackround
Mastermind hikeConnection
Games, Hike,
Hang out
Work Skillsharing
in Groups
Work Sprint
Opening Ceremony
Bonfire & Stargazing
Restaurant BonfireClosing

thats exactly what you need? Keep on reading:

the venue

Ok, so this is the epic part. There is not even a concrete road to this remote place in the middle of the Austrian Alps at 1700m of altitude. You can start tons of hikes from our ‘Basecamp’ – easy chilled ones and also up to the very high peaks. You will wake up to an insane mountain view and breathe the freshest air every day. The perfect place to focus on your Project without any distractions.

what we do

Mindful Hour

In the morning we start the day together with yoga, meditation, and a sharing circle over breakfast. This way we can tune in not only to ourselves, to the day, but also to each other.


Getting shit done together is more fun than doing it alone. We will organize Work Sprints to get a deep focus on our tasks. After the Sprints, there is time to share your success or pain points with the group and get more motivation.


For sure one of the Highlights of our Mountain Edition will be the Mastermind Hikes. We get together in groups and share our problems during the breaks while hiking a mountain. Doesn’t that sound great?


We think this is one of the perks of Belong Camp. We all can co-create the event, so let’s get creative. Treasure hunts, costume parties, improve theater, and many more – tremendous fun.

Parties and Campfire

We love sitting next to a fire just as much as we love dancing to great music. We find balance in both. Game nights and going wild, freedom, and skillsharing. Best thing about it: no judgment 🙂

whats included

We can fit max. 25 people in cozy single-, double- and triple rooms. Each room has its own sink and shared bathrooms on each floor.

We have a pretty quiet coworking area where you can focus on work from 9-5.
Wi-Fi might not be the best, so be prepared to work less or on your mobile data.

All meals, coffee, and water are included in the final price. We have a chef who will cook delicious vegetarian and healthy food every day for us.

On arrival day, you can take our free shuttle from Innsbruck to Gamssteinhaus.
On departure day, you can take our free shuttle from Gamssteinhaus to Innsbruck.

whats not included

Cravings? Snacks and alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase. We will go out for dinner in a local restaurant, which is not included in the price.

We organize an optional day trip to a mountain lake for the group on separate costs. In case you are up for more adventure, we can help you find the best local partner for your activity at your own cost. 

We do have Wi-Fi but have to be honest, it is not the fastest ever. We highly suggest you come prepared with some extra internet on your SIM card. 

come and join us

Triple Room

We have cozy triple rooms including 1 double bed and 1 single bed. It comes with a private sink and shared bathrooms (price per person)



Double Room

We have comfortable double rooms including 1 double bed. It comes with a private sink and shared bathrooms (price per person)



Single Room

We have exclusive single rooms including 1 single bed. It comes with a private sink and shared bathrooms.



*first come first serve: balcony rooms for the first 5 bookings – spots are limited (1 single room, 2 double rooms, 2 triple rooms)

supporter ticket

One of our principles is to respect everyone, including those in a different financial situation.
If you have more, with this ticket you allow someone who only has less to come to the camp.


Arrival: 1 PM Shuttle from Innsbruck

First meeting point: 1 pm at Restaurant Elfriede, Innsbruck. 

We arranged a shuttle bringing you from Innsbruck to the venue. 

You can get to Innsbruck by train, FlixBus or plane. Flying here is quite expensive, you may consider flying to Munich and taking a train from there. 

In case you need to work, grab a bite or just hang out with other belongers already – you can do all that at Elfriede’s.

Departure: 1 PM Shuttle to Innsbruck

Our shuttle takes you back to Innsbruck city center at 1 PM on our last day.

The ride takes about 1 hour.

In case you need to leave earlier, pls.


Arriving with your own car

Let’s meet directly at Gamssteinhaus, we have free parking.

Our mornings start with movement, yoga, and meditation.
Breakfast and Morning Check-in are next. Followed by either coworking or free time and hikes. Lunch will be served to the whole group. After finishing working, we will have some really chill and connecting programs. Then at 7 pm, we have dinner. Evenings are free for campfire, jam sessions, stargazing, game nights, etc.

We have 2 masterminds to help you with your current struggles, work, or personal.

If you have any skills you want to share during our stay? That’s great! Just get in touch with Maggi and Lisa.

Yes, all meals are included, you’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We will dine out one evening which will be on your own bill.

You can find water, tea, and coffee on free disposal. 
Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price but will be available for purchase.

We care about the environment and decided to only serve vegetarian food.

Please let us know for vegan option.

You can still get your Austrian Schnitzel and traditional Kässpatzn in the nearby restaurant when dining out.

We bring sheets, you bring your towel. 

If you travel without a towel, please let us know.

Bring casual and comfy clothes for working and evenings. 

Sporty clothes if you want to join yoga and hiking. We recommend hiking boots, but comfortable, solid sneakers might also do the job.

Bring something fancy in case you want to dress up for a festival-vibe party.  

Autumn nights at 1,700 m can be pretty chilled already, so bring some warm layers and a rain jacket.

We wish we could answer this question! We keep our fingers crossed for sunny late summer days. Nights will be fresh for sure #sweaterweather

The average temperature might be between 12-18 °C but when the sun is out it can still get hot.

Only if you need something like medicines, your own coffee, your mountainbike…

Sunscreen can be useful cause the sun is strong in the mountains!

We do have Wi-Fi, but it’s not crazy strong. Please also be prepared for working with your mobile data. 

Of course, you can! We’ll separate co-working for the ones, who can never stop working! There is even a small table in every room if you need privacy for calls or anything.

It’s all about balance. We focus on physical health like yoga and hikes next to productive coworking sessions. Surrounded by mountains, we love to be out in nature every day. We will also have enough time for co-creation, skill-sharing, and games. 

On Saturday, there will be an optional excursion to a mountain lake where we could go for a swim or try some ice bathing – depending on your sensitivity to cold.

We can organize more activities at extra costs if you are up for an adventure. 

The next store is around 30-min drive away from our remote location Gamssteinhaus. We recommend you bringing everything you need straight away, even if you have a car.