Belong camp hungary

dates and booking information
for 2023 to be announced

retreat factory

the venue

Ok, so this is the epic part. Our venue is a 150 old, revamped alcohol factory.
We have 2 acre space, a lake, and a 3200 m2 building to hang out.

what we do

Mindful Hour

In the morning we start the day together with yoga, meditation and a sharing circle. This way we can tune in not only for ourselves, to the day but also to each-other.


Many of us love what we do, so for us, working is not a burden. We have a coworking where you can work during the day, if you feel like. You can also chill during the day – if you don’t want to / have to work.


We think this is one of the perks of Belong Camp. We co-create the event, by giving the possibility for you to shine and co-create. Think about treasure-hunts, costume parties, role-plays, improv theatre and many more that we can’t even explain here, but tremendous fun.

going on Adventures

We always visit epic places around the world, where you can see local national parks, vineries. Go for hikes, or just chill next to a lake.

Parties and Campfire sessions

We love siting next to fire just as much we love dancing for great music. We find balance in both 🙂

whats included

All meals, coffee, and water are included in the final price. We have a chef who will cook delicious healthy food every day for us.

We have 30 beds, and enough space for our camper village. It’s all included. All distributed in 3600 sqm. 

We created a nice Coworking for all of you, to focus on work from 9-5. 

Every year we go to a wine tasting tour where we make our first bonding experience. So we don’t want you to miss that out. 

whats not included

We are a bit remote from Budapest, but not too far. We do organize carsharing, and also have a train station at Fácánkert. 

We don’t include drinks in the full boarding, but we are always organizing some drinks to buy at the factory. Don’t worry, you will not be thirsty. Also, once or twice we go out to eat at a local restaurant. That is not included in the price.

We organize some extra excursions, which come with some extra costs. 

We do have wifi, but have to be honest, it is not the fastest ever. We highly suggest you come prepared with some extra internet on your SIM card. 


Fly into Budapest, the factory is about 1.5-hour drive from there. You will be able to rent a car, but we will also arrange car-sharing. You can also come by train to Tolna. There are 16 trains a day. Someone will pick you up at the station.

Type Retreat Factory to Google and it will lead you there.

You can check in from 6PM on the 3rd of July.

Early Mornings start with some workouts or yoga and meditation.

After some yummie breakfast, we work from 9-5. Just like the good old days we were running away. We have a Lunch break too, OC.

After 5 we will have some programs within the factory, usually something really chill. Then at 9 pm we have dinner.

We have 2 masterminds to help you with your current struggles work, or personal.
At night we play music by the fire, play games, or do an outdoor movie night.

Yes, you’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner as well!

Drinks are not included in the price, but will be available for purchase at the factory.

We’ll provide sheets and towels if you booked a bed. If you booked into the camping, you’ll need your sleeping bag, and your tent or van!

You’ll need mostly comfy and sporty clothes for working and for the programs you’ll participate in like yoga, hiking, paddling or muay-thai. You can also bring some pretty ones for some parties and the Wine tasting. Some warm layers we absolutely recommend and a rain jacket can be useful any time.

We hope the weather will be gracious to us and will be nice warm late night weather. We for sure will have some awesome thunderstorms, those a super fun at an abandoned factory. 🙂

Only if you need like medicines, your own coffee, and probably mosquito repellant can be useful!

We do have wifi, but not too strong. Please be prepared with a  sim card.  We do have 4G. 

Of course you can! We’ll separate co-working and silent room as well for the ones, who can never stop working!

We try to have balance in the programs, so we’ll have morning workouts, workshops for skill sharing, mastermind sessions and outdoor programs as well and of course, some music programs.

There is a very small shop in the village, 15-20 minutes walking away, or you can find bigger stores in Tolna city 5km away.